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Sports Team Mobile App UX Design

managing your kid's team

the project.

The concept for this mobile app came about when my son started soccer. I found it difficult managing practice and game schedules as well as sharing media with other parents. Mass emailing parents about announcements and keeping a spreadsheet for contact information was clunky. This app concept was created to make that experience much more pleasant for the team manager or coach as well as the parents of the kids on the team.

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator



dual purpose

My goal was to create a mobile app that served two distinct user groups: the coach of the team, and the parents of the children.


The app needed to make it easy for coaches to manage schedules, contacts, and photos in one central location.

Easy for parents

At the same time, I knew that the app needed to be simple and intuitive enough for parents to use, so they could easily view upcoming practices and games.

Powerful tools

I wanted to create a robust set of tools for coaches to manage practices and games as well as be able to post game scores and stats of players.

understanding pain points



Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis of existing apps in the market. I studied the features, design, and user experience of similar apps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.


user interviews

I came up with a set of relevant questions for the parents of children in sports to find out what were their pain points.


card sorting

To get a better grasp of the information architecture of the app, I conducted a card sorting exercise using note cards.

Putting it all together


Affinity Map

Based on the interviews I conducted, I created an affinity map and grouped similar observations and pain points using different colored Post-It Notes.


I drew out a storyboard of the typical day of a parent of an athlete using good-ol’ paper and pencil (I do this in Procreate now).


I created two separate personas. One for the parents of the athletes and one for the coaches including a hypothetical profile along with their goals and pain points.


Using the data I collected during all of these steps, I had a good grasp of what the users needed and had an idea on how to solve these problems

Sports Team Mobile App Lo-Fi Wireframes. UX, UI

The Fun Stuff




I created lo-fi wireframes to flesh out the basic layout and flow of the app.



From there, I created a higher fidelity prototype in Figma using a design system I created previously.


Usability testing

Finally, I brought in users to test out the prototypes and see where things needed to be improved.

fruits of my labor

The Solution.

Through multiple rounds of iteration and usability testing, I created an app that not only met the needs of users but also provided a great experience. The resulting product is both easy to navigate and simple to use.

Sports Team Mobile App Final Design. UX, UI
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