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managing your kid's team

the project.

A modern, user-friendly website for a chiropractic practice. The website features clean and professional aesthetics that are aligned with the practice’s values, making it easy for patients to find information and schedule appointments.

Tools used


Fixing WordPress


Our team had noticed that spending a long time on the phone with our members. Compounding this was the fact that we had recently switched over to a new website built on WordPress. Unfortunately, the WordPress admin area proved to be quite unintuitive, making it difficult for our Member Services team to access the information they needed to service our members. They were becoming increasingly frustrated with the new system.



Define the problem

I first sat down with each staff member and watched as they took calls from our members. This helped me better understand where their problems stemmed from.


From the information I gathered from shadowing our staff, I designed a dashboard and created working prototypes using Figma.

usability testing

I tested out the prototypes with the same staff members to get feedback on the design.


Using the feedback I gathered from the usability testing, I fixed some minor things and repeated the process until they were satisfied.

Final Product

The Design.

The resulting dashboard was simpler, more intuitive, and streamlined. It eliminated the overwhelming WordPress dashboard and consolidated their most common tasks into one easily accessible location.

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